My Goals and Ideas

Why ME?

I am not a career politician; I am a career public servant. I have been an employee, a manager, and a business owner. I have had to struggle financially at times to provide for my family and myself, often working more than one job. While serving in the military I traveled the world and saw that people without money existed in the shadows while those with wealth lived in luxury. I saw that what a person was, be it poor or a minority, mattered more than what they could be. I was proud that I came from a country where working hard gave everyone an opportunity to be as successful as their skills would allow.

I became a police officer and then a firefighter. I noticed as the years went by that this country began to look a lot like those foreign places I had visited. Now, more than ever, our country has become divided and, like those foreign countries, we have begun to look not at the person, but at their position. Opportunities for a secure future are disappearing as jobs are shipped overseas or replaced by technology. The wealthy are becoming wealthier, the poor are becoming poorer.  

Wages are stagnant but costs continue to rise as companies place profit before anything else. Healthcare has become an expensive luxury, and home ownership is becoming  increasingly out of grasp. This has to change. I believe my background and experience has given me a unique insight into how things are now for most Americans, and provided me the tools needed to find ways to make this country the land of opportunity it should be - for everyone.   

Why NOW?

The time for talk is over. The time for action is now. I want to return America to an era of opportunity for all, not just the rich. A place where the American dream is attainable for every generation. A place where, with a little hard work, a person can rise above their circumstances and become whatever they want to be. I believe that a better America waits for everyone; not just the rich and influential. 

While working in my various government jobs I saw incredible waste and overspending. My eyes were opened to the fact that this method of operation must change. I have clear, concise options for instruments of change (I have really big ideas!). I believe these options are possible. 

It has to be now. Every day that passes without change puts the solution further out of reach. Every day that passes without change causes average Americans to pay a greater amount for the greater good, and gives the elite at the top more time to build the walls that protect them and their wealth.  


As questions come in, my answers will be displayed here.