My Opinions and Ideas


  ~ The health and safety of our citizens is a government concern. 

~ The U.S. spends more on healthcare than any other industrialized nation. 

~Those dollars should go to patient care rather to profits for those who control healthcare dollars.  

~ Every man, woman, and child in this country deserves, and should have, quality healthcare.   


  ~ Pre-K through 12th grade educational funding is inadequate and misdirected. 

~ There is no “magic bullet solution for improving education. 

~ We need to identify programs that work and adapt them nation-wide. 

~ Life skills, vocational programs as well as academic and technical education, should be part of general education curriculum and available to all students. 

~ College is becoming an ever increasing hurdle to success, as unnecessary degrees are required for “status” in the job application process. 

~ In reality, the requirement for an AA or BA college degree is often nothing more than a human resources work reduction program.  


  ~ An average of 22 veterans take their own lives every day. 

~ Taking care of the health, both physical and mental, of our veterans is a promise our country made beginning with the Civil War. 

~ The quality and availability of veteran care must always be fully funded and effectively supervised.  

~ Returning veterans must have priority for placement in federal government jobs based on their honorable service. 

~ The cost of the Department of Veteran's Affairs can be reduced if we can increase the retention of our military members.  


  ~ Equality is the very foundation of a fully successful society. 

~ Bigotry and meanness towards others is absolutely wrong and cannot be tolerated. 

~ The government must lead the way by decisively challenging discrimination. 

~ The federal government has many resources at its disposal to rectify this type of brutality, whether it is through the Justice Department or the suspension of financial support to states and organizations that discriminate.  


  ~ Many of our best paying jobs in manufacturing were sent overseas through the actions of Congress. 

~ Automation is quickly becoming a reality, and those displaced by automation will have little to fall back on. 

~ We must do everything in our considerable power to increase high wage employment in this country. 

~ Although Infrastructure investment is known to create both jobs and increased security, it has been largely ignored.  

The Economy

  ~ The outsourcing of our manufacturing jobs and import of goods now made overseas has been devastating to our economy due to flat wage growth. 

~ The US is by far the greatest purchaser of consumer goods. This gives the US tremendous power over international trade. 

~ A just tariff or import taxation system must be instituted to generate funds for the development of good jobs in the US.  

~ There is fantastic potential in the manufacture of alternative and renewable energy.